Lindsay Rosenwald


  Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald – A Biography

Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald is one of the pioneers in the biotechnology industry.  He combines his business acumen and medical education to be one of the most positive contributors to this field.  He is the founder-chairman of Paramount Group of companies, through which he does most of his work.  These organizations span a wide spectrum and vary from Paramount Corporate Development, a company that coordinates drug research and development and corporate development activities for Paramount’s group of portfolio companies, to Paramount BioSciences, a multi-national pharmaceutical development and healthcare investment firm that focuses on the conception, cultivation, and financial backing of new biopharmaceutical companies.  Paramount BioCapital is a registered broker-dealer with FINRA.  This company raises capital for Paramount’s portfolio companies.  Since inception to date, the company has raised 950 million dollars for these companies.
Dr.Lindsau Rosenwald’s initial education was in Abington High School located in southeast Pennsylvania and he graduated from high school in 1973.  He then went on to graduate with a major in Finance from Pennsylvania State University in 1977, graduating Beta Gamma Sigma.  He then got his doctorate in Medicine from Temple University School of Medicine.  He then opened a private practice, interning at Abington Medical Hospital at the same time.  He then turned his attention to Wall Street in 1986 as a physician analyst, which was a relatively new field at that time.  He was the first to enter this field and his financial education combined with his medical skills enabled him have a massive impact in the biotechnology industry.
Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald founded Paramount BioCapital in 1991 which has since contributed greatly to research in the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.  Abiraterone acetate is a drug developed by Cougar Biotechnology (one of his companies) and was an ongoing accomplishment at that time.  Cougar was developing this drug for the treatment of prostate cancer and had not yet completed phase 3 of clinical trials when it was bought out by Johnson and Johnson for approximately one billion dollars.  Another notable drug is arsenic trioxide.  This was being developed by one of his portfolio companies.  This drug is remarkable for the speed in which it acquired FDA approval.  Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald achieved this in less than 30 months.  It is remarkable that Dr. was not satisfied with personal achievements or benefits to his companies.  The philanthropist in him founded the Rosenwald foundation, which is a nonprofit fund.  It has donated millions of dollars to fund a variety of scientific and medical educational institutions.  The foundation supports innovative scientists by providing them funds and grants for research and development , thus contributing greatly to the biotechnology field.
Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald has been in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical field for over 20 years.  With his vast experience, he is placed at the vanguard of cutting-edge research and development.  Finance and medicine is a unique combination which gives him a rare and unique perspective to identify safe and sound investments in the ever-burgeoning biotechnology industry.  Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald has so many prolific achievements that cannot be matched by anyone in the industry.